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Major misconceptions about smoking - There are many misconceptions about cigarettes and smoking. Many of them intentional, others only serve to excuse their own weaknesses and vices. In any case, the smoke is the same plus points for your health. It is not only the physical health but also mental, that will be appreciated after heavy fighting, when you have successfully put an end to cigarettes, your will and firm determination is also considerable economic effect. We have prepared answers to some fundamental mistakes, which smokers can justify his fondness for cigarettes light, those cigarettes with lower nicotine content and harmful substances harmful to the lungs much less than regular cigarettes. Wrong! Read This website here

It is the opposite - The so-called light and ultra light cigarettes damage your lungs more. To ensure that the smoker conventional cigarettes satisfy their daily dose for nicotine, smoke needs a much larger number of these cigarettes. Into his lungs and gets much more harmful substances carcinogenic smoke that is harmful to the body much more than nicotine itself. After twenty years of smoking to human lungs were so damaged that it does not make sense to stop smoking - Wrong! useful content Read Full Article:

It always pays to stop. If someone smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, he could be fifteen times greater risk of developing cancer than non-smokers. Comparable risk of cancer reaches a former smoker for ten years.

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