No Special Preparing Meals Or Specialty Foods

Any diet that is based on the input of a small amount of calories and food, which is based on one type of food, is something to be avoided long term.

Primarily, because the body constricts balanced intake of all the necessary ingredients for the normal functioning of the organism. But they are nevertheless still quite popular, especially in the summer, because they allow to achieve rapid success in losing unwanted pounds.

Neither one of these diets is not recommended in place longer than five days, in order not to undermine the health of the body and metabolism, because they can never get all the necessary ingredients.

One of these "special stages" diet is a diet with cottage cheese, which some experts say that the best diet among diets that are called the "biggest losers", and by that is meant to weight. In fact, if you believe the experts, a diet with cottage cheese is supposedly good chemically balanced, and therefore different from other similar diets. Read More on Wikipedia site

When we look at this diet with the practical side, it is a diet with foods that are very easy to get and often can be found in most households. No special preparing meals or specialty foods that are difficult to obtain or are in the higher price range.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Protein Diet

High protein diets have their advantages and disadvantages. Proteins in addition to having constitutive role in the body and provide energy , are important for the natural processes in the body such as the transport of oxygen are required for the synthesis of hormones and genes, oxygen transport, and are essential to maintain fluid balance and the defense capabilities of the organism. does it absolutely work?

Proteins create a greater sense of satiety:

Recommended daily allowance for protein is 0.8 g / kg body weight for men and women or by 8 g of protein for every 10 pounds. That's a tough person 65 pounds need 52 grams of protein. About 8 grams of protein can be found in each of the following ingredients: 30 g cheese, Emmentaler, 60 g egg, 40 g of chicken, tuna 40 g, 2, 5 dl milk, 180 g probiotic yoghurt and 100g of tofu.

Replacing carbohydrates protein in the diet can actually facilitate weight loss. Compared with carbohydrates and fats, proteins generate greater satiety due to the effect on the hormones that regulate satiety and hunger. does it really work?

In addition, the protein increases the production of heat through a process called thermo genesis, which also affects the feeling of satiety and increases energy consumption. Diet characterized by high intake of protein can act stimulating protein synthesis in muscle, increasing the proportion of lean muscle mass in the body.

Increasing Number Of Obese Women

Increasing number of obese women, compared to the opposite sex, it is definitely the result of a positive correlation to the lack of momentum and the occurrence of obesity. physical activity of women used throughout history women were the ones who were less physically active. In fact, women have historically been forbidden even watching sports events and sports. In a patriarchal society, which has historically always been expressed, the women doing housework and cared for the family, while men were the ones who are away from home. History? Such as sporting events was one of the places for men dating. Women were not allowed to even look at, let alone participate in it. This is the beginning when you are starting to make a difference between men and women in the field of physical exercise.

To realize is that men did not like that their wives Glade other men and so have fun, but it's strange that they did not allow that those involved in sports. He must not know that the positive effects of physical exercise on the formation of the female body, especially the impact on the reduction of subcutaneous fat. Fortunately, Vilendorf Venus were then in vogue! Reasons inactivity seems that the attitude of women towards physical activity is largely determined by education. Traditional Croatian education is focused on the creation of a woman who is successful in managing household chores and is attached to the house.

Often ignored the interests and needs of women themselves. Movement is one of the basic human needs and can not be replaced by artificial means. already all know that positive exercise, but disease prevention, it is certainly the most important. Do not allow someone to engage in exercise, the same as you do not let him sleep. It is known that the absence of one or the other, after a time, causing disruption of normal functioning of the body. Lack of sleep will cause a lack of concentration, fatigue, hallucinations, and the lack of movement first manifested in pain, the development of obesity, hypertension, depression. turns out that there are men who do not encourage their ladies to exercise the sole cause of the lack of activities for women.

Of course this is not true! Such is only 36% of those who believe that a woman's place in the home, a job cooking, 20% of those who think (!) That women should have the final say in decision-making and those of more than 30% of which were violent toward their wives. The rest are cool! Certainly there are a large number of male partners who insist on the inclusion of some of the activities and are willing to help with the work, but women are not tempered. For various reasons, shame, lack of time due to career, neglect of themselves, the result of education, laziness, low level of education and lack of knowledge on the health benefits of exercise. Enforce your time and your health! Those who respect women should be encouraged to regularly physical activity because it is known that all the effects of regular movement of positively oriented.

Proper Skin Care Should Be A Constant

Proper skin care should be a constant concern for women after 50. We know that our health, including the health of the skin, largely depends on the climate in which we live. The harsh climate, cold, wind, dry air, and extreme temperatures all factors are irritating to the skin, regardless of the age of the woman. But when the skin is fading, it is particularly sensitive: a woman is experiencing dryness, irritation, flaking and itching. Get An Effective Solution Here

These feelings can be and live in a good climate, but spending a lot of time in enclosed, poorly ventilated and dry air. Cold weather, included heating dries the skin, and without enough moisture, it may not look healthy.

Essential tips skin care - We know that the main thing that makes our skin supple - it's wet. So do not lose sight of that, even at a low temperature in the street, facial skin needs constant moisture. In addition, even in the cold, do not use too much hot water; it removes moisture from the skin even more. It is better to use hot and cold water and then use a cosmetic cream or cosmetic oil.

We also know that those who live in a more humid climate have a good healthy skin. Therefore, if the climate is dry, or in a dwelling constant dry air, get the opportunity to purchase a humidifier.

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